How to make a money saving camping

How to make a money saving camping

How to make a money saving camping? Well, whoever said camping was cheap must be he or she out of his mind. You can spend a large portion of your paycheck. Unexpected expenses can hike up the cost of your camping trips considerably.Yes, there are ways you can save money on camping that are not difficult to put into practice. Camping is something that I still feel like I am learning all things thrifty about and I have learned a lot about how to keep the costs of camping down in those years, and am still learning.

For camping  you purchase equipment and hit the grocery for everyone’s favorite campfire snack, not even think you can spend a large portion of your paycheck. But 100 of ways  to save money on camping that are not difficult to put into practice .So your next camping trip won’t break the bank, and you can relax and enjoy getting away from the normal routine.

How to make a money saving camping


So don’t waste time searching How to make a money saving camping . Follow this guideline and as your next camping trip won’t break the bank, and you can relax and enjoy getting away from the normal routine.


How to make a money saving camping


1.Make a deatailed menu plan


a) Food: This is one of the main expenses when we go camping. Hit the grocery store with what I think is a practical list and come out with a cartful of stuff and a very long receipt. Here is the  areas to be disciplined in.

 Instead the thing to do is plan out each and every meal and each and every snack.  Get the inexpensive foods that can still be cooked easily over a fire. Hot dogs, rather than bratwurst Eggs, yes; bacon — maybe not. Take carrot sticks instead of chips.


2.Invite friends

You can invite friends for camping to share the cost of campsites, gas, and food. Just check the details of your campground. Many tent campsites can accommodate 6-8 people comfortably in up to 3 tents. Yet if you only split the site with one other couple, your costs will be halved.

3.Assign group meals

When camping in a group to one person or couple. What do you think it’s not much harder to cook spaghetti for 6 than for 2 or 3 as it saves money and space on part.It means everyone gets the luxury of enjoying someone else’s cooking part of the time!

4.Camping Equipment:

Most of the people always get stuck with a last-minute equipment purchase and last minute can’t get the best price. So it’s a good idea to plan ahead.  You will need for next time and start saving for it for that. Or if you know one is coming up, try to drag out the equipment at least a month before and check it all over.

 a) Borrow

If this is your first every camping tour buy as little as possible and borrow all that you can. This will let you to make sure that your family really does enjoy camping before you invest money in a tent or  sleeping bags and all the other things .

b) Buy it used

Facebook buy and sell groups and Craigslist are great places to look for second hand tents, and other camping supplies. Also don’t forget to look at yard sales , You can  found all you  needed to outfit from various yard sales.

 c)Discount Gear Price

Retail price is definitely for suckers when it comes to camping gear. Before you give full price, Just check out discount gear websites.

d)Renting Gear

If you do camp infrequently, can  consider renting gear like tents, stoves, and sleeping bags.Check with you  local outdoor store and if they doesn’t rent gear, they should know where to refer you to.

  e) Use general equipment from home

Use general equipment from home fairly good than buying a camping-specific version  where size and weight are less of an issue. Normally kitchen pots and pans, plastic coffee mugs, pillows and blankets, and tableware will easily hit the trick.


f)Stock up on warm clothing at Goodwill. Skip the new clothes buying and stick on  thick wool sweater or pants. This will keep you just as warm and nobody cares if you match. Also hats, socks, gloves, scarves, and fleece jackets are also you can do the same trick.

g)Take the cheap, lightweight kitchen items you can find- pots/, travel coffee mugs, knives, unbreakable plates etc.


Better to camp on weekdays.  Basically campgrounds charge less for camping spots in the middle of the week.Also easier to get a reservation.  And it limits the amount of time that you go camping.


Bring some games and books and other things that can be done at the.  I like just sitting looking at the flames in the fire pit if your kids are with you  then this will not get bore to them as  kiddos get restless. Hiking and swimming also work in this category, but they are not always convenient.



Budget , yeah set one and stick to it.  This is where the rubber meets the road. This  time to grow up. You should be able to decide how much should spend on camping and then not go over that amount.  This is  called getting creative with how to meet needs without dealing out the cash.


Finally  I would say I  really LOVE camping.  Have fun camping, and let us know your tips and tricks for saving money while camping! there is something about getting away from the house and living more primitively that is very relaxing. Go figure.

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