Safe Bike Riding Tips

Safe Bike Riding Tips

Bike riding is an amazing experience, enjoyable for anybody. But if you are new to cycling on the road  bike riding then you must know the Safe Bike Riding Tips .Since bike riding can be a hazard, especially when you’re sharing the road with motorized traffic. Bikes and  cars is a debate that annoy tempers, no matter which side you’re on. But cyclists will not  “win” the debate unless they live to ride another day. However to keep safe, it is important to have a bike in top condition and to give attention to some basic but important cycling requirements when sharing your ride with the general traffic.

Safe Bike Riding Tips

Safe Bike Riding Tips -How?

Some bike safety equipment must you need:

  1. Bike helmets – As per law, every cyclist must wear an Bike Safe Bike Riding Tipshelmets. Also, if riders under 16 years old then his or her guardian must make sure their children wear helmets. This is available and you can get this from your nearest store.
  2. Cycle horn and bells – Bells are necessary whatever you are at pedestrian crossings or on the local trail. Your bike need to be fitted with a bell or horn.
  3. Lights – Things to look out for when selecting lights: battery life, optional flashing, water proof casing.
  4. Gloves . Gloves gives you the protection of your skin on the palms of your hands when you fall on a road or in the dirt. In the summer fingerless gloves perfect and  full fingered gloves are great in the winter  to keep your arms warms.
  5. Rear view mirrors – Rear-view mirrors let you to see traffic behind you and assist you to change lanes more safely. These are also useful once checking how far behind your mates are without twisting your head round and losing your balance.
  6. Safety arm reflectors and flags- These 30cm long safety arms with reflectors attach to your rear rack or seat stay and help to keep the traffic at bay. Your flags can also be a great way to draw attention to you and your bike. These are highly effective and cheap for leisure and commuting purposes.
  7. Pannier Bags -Most pannier bags have reflective inserts on them and stand out almost as far as a safety arm reflector (above).
  8. Safety Vest – Orange or yellow reflective vests really makes you stand out on the roads.

     9.Water –One bottle of  water will save you dehydration  once  riding your bike is super important.


And now let’s start, the most important session  how to bike riding on the road safely . We are giving safety guideline bike riding for you:

  1.  Always stay on the right side of the white line once possible. Be caution and patience when overtaking other riders and offer a polite “On your left.”
  2. Try to ignore using your iPod while you are on the road . Even with the volume turned way down or with only the right ear bud in, you still can’t hear properly .
  3. 3. Use your hands and voice when you are in signal , turning your bike, and any problems.It’s not only will help you communicate with highly distracted drivers, but also help keep your group riding cohesively.
  4.  At traffic point, make eye contact and use hand signals with drivers. Which all you can ensure that your intentions have been properly communicated and that you understand the driver’s intent .
  5. You will need to come to a full stop at every stop sign like red light and put your foot down. Instead of getting irritated with the “hassle” of clipping in and out of your pedals. Just see how quickly and smoothly you will reengage your cleat. Also ,this will save yourself the expense of a traffic ticket—it is the law.
  6. You should only ride “two-up” when it’s safe and doubtful to cause an interruption to traffic behind you.
  7. Do remember if you want to take left turns you will require extra special attention. Whenever you make a left turn across oncoming traffic or a head-on vehicle makes a left turn in front of you, you should be more watchful. Just think the driver has no idea that you are there .Also the right of way regardless of who was there first.
  8. You can apply the basic rules of the road to racing. Official race has your best interests in on race day, but you should still use sound judgment at all times.

9.Carry out the 2 minute check every time you ride your bike.

10.Wherever possible you should plan your route using bicycle paths ,quieter streets, or shared paths.


So I think you have got the plenty of ideas . Just make in your mind this and then ride your bike  whenever you want.

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